TMT(电信,媒体和科技)行业是大中华和亚洲地区最令人瞩目的增长领域之一。由于繁琐法规以及当地政府对于媒体所有权的敏感性,TMT是最为复杂 ...



近年来,全球上市过程变得越来越复杂,所涉及的法规也越来越繁琐。由于监管机构在上市和上市后维护披露方面提出更加严格的要求,这些报告和财务 ...



中国和亚洲市场蓬勃发展,越来越多顶尖的区域性公司迫切希望拓展海外市场,并为此努力寻求新的资本及合作伙伴。由于资本市场的法规繁琐,加上新兴市场 ...


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Joe Rogan Learns About Blockchain Technology With Dr. Ben Goertzel

Joe Rogan has gotten his fair share of characteristically "mind-blowing" moments from receiving specific knowledge about diverse topics throughout his podcaster's career. Today, we hope he and everyone who listened, left with a similar...


Longevity News

A View For The Ages

In the last few years the world of medicine has seen a paradigm shift regarding healthspan extension from a culture and scientific perspective. For the first time in history, the dramatic extension of healthy human life appears within the reach of science and medicine. As exciting as...


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Listen to Radio Livestream!

Ostar Media is Australian leading Chinese media group established 24 years with a multidimensional media platforms including 39 radio broadcasts, 12 weekly newspapers, lifestyle magazines, events, webcast, television and online media. Ostar operates 5 branches...


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