TMT Solutions

The TMT (Telecom, Media and Technology) sector is one of the most exciting growth areas in Greater China and Asian region. Due to heavy regulation and local sensitivities towards media ownership, the TMT segment is one of the most complex in which to operate and to provide critical advice that is both precise and on target.

GCC specializes in the delivery of TMT Services in such areas as M&A, fund raising, strategic partnerships, license relations, the rollout of media operations in diverse markets and the launch of new products. In recent years, GCC has proven its prowess in the TMT arena with the completion of top-level special projects and assignments in markets such as China, Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey, Jordan and Italy.

GCC is perfectly suited to provide a great deal of value add for all sorts of projects and proposals in the TMT investment and operations arena. The primary reason for this is the wealth of experience of the GCC Network in owning and operating media enterprises, special project telecom situations with large-sized players, and the handling IT assignments at all levels of the spectrum.

Whether working with industry specialists, media teams, government regulators or media owners and operators GCC is comfortable to deliver world class solutions in a markets where experience and execution is often impossible to achieve.