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Sari Traih, Arabia Director

Sari Traih, the GCC Director for Arabia, is focused on business development, commodities trading and media operations in the Gulf Region.

Traih has developed a solid network of relationships across the Gulf Region from his base in Amman Jordan. Armed with an MBA and an electrical degree, Traih has worked in a diverse range of markets from Saudi Arabia to Dubai, Egypt, Iraq and Kuwait.

Traih is currently rolling-out the operations and business strategy  of Global Radio in the markets of Jordan (FM 94.5) and Erbil (the provincial capital of Kurdistan). Traih has worked at Global Radio since its inception in the Gulf in 2010 as a local subsidiary of GCC Group, has been key player in driving relationships with the Royal family, government officials, , regulatory agencies, content partners and the business community. To listen to FM 94.5 Amman click

Traih is deploying his long background in IT sales to support Pierce Surgical Consolidated (PSC) to launch the medical devises and services business in the region, with initial medical projects and construction projects in Iraq, Saudi and Jordan.Traih work in building the value of the PSC franchise will expand to other Gulf markets.

Prior to joining GCC Group, Sari managed media campaigns and strategy for the largest telecommunication brands in Jordan. Sari brings his innovative and creative abilities to developing the unique brand and concept of Global Radio in Jordan and across the Arabian Peninsula.