New Technologies

GCC commenced its activities in the New Technologies sector with activities in regenerative medicine in connection with stem cell devices and related services. With the emergence of the blockchain and a new age of related financings, GCC broadened its scope to work with some of the leading lights in the artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and blockchain world.

GCC has brought his financial consulting, business strategy and corporate services to AI ecosystems, blockchain development and robotics manufacturing companies. As such, GCC Network partners provide a unique skill set to an emerging group of important entrepreneurs in the rapidly expanding crypto domain.

Among important global capital raising and strategic partnership projects that GCC has associated with are those of Hanson Robotics, the world’s leading manufacturer of humanoid robots (Sophia) and SingularityNET Foundation, the leading AI open source platform.

Following up on its roote in the medical sector GCC plays an instrumental role in the Rejuve Foundation, an enterprise focused on regenerative medicine and life extension, and continues to work with renowned Dr. Dominic Man-kit Lam in the area of anti-aging on longevity.

Other projects of interest include Genuine Way, the blockchain technology company in the area of food certification and safety, and, GCC has explored a strategic partnership and product development cooperation with MASExchange, one of the first universal security token trading platforms.

Here are the links of some of core AI/Blockchain projects:

Hanson Robotics

Hanson Robotics is the leading manufacturer of humanoid robots (producer of the renowned Sophia) and an AI company focused on creating living, conscious machines.

SingularityNET Partners

SingularityNET Foundation is the leading decentalized, open source platform for the AI community, its architects, engineers and

Rejuve Foundation

The Rejuve Foundation focuses on providing regenerative medicine and anti-aging solutions in a changing medical world of innovation and creativity.

Genuine Way

Genuineway provide market-leading blockchain and software technology solutions to the food, alcohol, pharmaceutical and other industry’s interested in preventing forgeries.

Dr. D Health Care

Dr. Dominic Man-kit Lam is a renowned doctor, scientist and artist that leads the Dr. D. Health Products area in the development of anti-aging products.