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Paolo Brillo, European Director

Paolo Brillo is the European Director for GCC, with a focus on corporate services and media projects in the European arena.

Currently, Brillo oversees the operations of Eurostar Media Srl, the Italian media business of GCC Group. from the Bolzano offices in Northern Italy. From this base in the Tyrolian Alps, Brillo manages the Global Listing work in markets such as Frankfurt and Milan. Overseeing European operations with a background in accounting, financial modeling, governance and valuation services, Brillo brings his in-depth experience in European financial affairs to GCC.

Brillo has worked as a CPA and accountant for Lombardi businesses founding his own office in 1990. A graduate of Trento University with an Economics Degree, Brillo passed the CPA exam in 1990 and concentrates on serving over 50 small and medium-sized enterprises and 250 private clients on an annual basis.

Brillo has great experience in working with entrepreneurs and, in particular, handling duties on the Supervisory Board. Brillo has assumed a number of assignments in this regard, including: Chairman of Supervisory Board Coldereiser Srl. (1992-present); Supervisory Board Member Gherdeina Ronda AG (2007-present), Supervisory Board Member Cadsky AG (2008-present), Supervisory Board Member Eurostar Media Srl (2010-present) and European CEO and Director for Capitol Resources Energy AG.

Brillo is an esteemed Consultant for the Court of Law in Bolzano (1992-present) and has handled many sensitive assignments. Brillo was the Court Appointed Administrator of Prefabricati San Giacomo AG (2005 to 2007), responsible to support this company through a dispute between two administrators. Brillo is a member of the Sud Tirol Arbitration Board handling shareholder disputes and is an Official Receiver for Bankruptcy Proceedings (1992-present).