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Ivan Khizhkov, Central Asia Director

Ivan Khizhkov is the GCC Director responsible for operations and business development in the Central Asian region

Khizhkov provide a unique skill set to GCC as a successful and innovative entrepreneur specialized in building and operating businesses. From his base in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Khizkov has a web of relations that extend to such Central Asian nations as Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan, Tajikstan and Turkmenistan as well as into the Russian Federation countries.

Over the last 15 years, Khizhkov has worked with the Austrian IPC Group of companies and invested in a range of new business. At IPC Agriculture Khizhkov rose the position of Sales Director, before moving to IPC Machines, a firm specialized on the sale of mining and construction machinery. Currently, Khizkov is General Director and part owner of IPC Machines Kazakhstan.

In keeping with the GCC media focus, Khizhkov has invested in two Kazakhstan media companies – Reklama.KZ-W (Reklama) and Po Faqtu TV. Reklama is a media business consultant with a primary focus on outdoor advertising in the elevator segment and other areas. Po Faqtu TV provides Internet content on a range of subjects and is developing a large online audience for its programs. Other Khizhkov investments include one of the largest rent-a-car companies in Kazakhstan, Super Price, online shopping, and agriculture projects.

Khizhkov’s varied education background includes a Bachelor of Economics from SGU Moscow, a degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from National Agriculture University of Almaty, and an MBA from University of Vine Stefan in Germany.