Mineral Resources Group

The rapid expansion of regional economies has led to ongoing interest in the resource sector as enterprises and governments scramble for projects of quality. The GCC Mineral Resource Group (MRG) is composed of mining geologists, engineers, asset managers and investment bankers with industry experience in all facets.

MRG serves China, Central Asia and Australian mining companies and investors with a range of services. MRG has the credentials and connections to interface at the CEO level, work with leading banks and provide connections with industry and government. The MRG gains access to decision-makers, bridges communications and handles sensitive negotiations while providing services related to valuation, project packaging and management support.

MRG services include:

  • Strategic M&A: Sale of mineral and resource companies and/or assets to foreign investors in the private and public sector.
  • Globalization Services: Private equity, fund packaging, certification and related services for companies interested in internationalization.
  • Public Equity: Listing plays on the world’s largest capital market for resource companies.