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Javin Pierce, Americas Director

Javin Pierce, the GCC Americas Director, focuses on business development in the US, Canada and Latin America with a specialty in medical related products and services.

Pierce brings a unique set of skills to the GCC Group in terms of his background as an inventor of medical devices and an entrepreneur in innovative technology sectors. Currently, Pierce is working with the GCC Group to bring his brand of medical devices and services to Asia, Arabia and Turkey.

Recently, Pierce and GCC teamed up to form Pierce Surgical Consolidated Inc. and PSC Asia Inc., raising a round of capital in Hong Kong to roll-out a medical devices distribution and medical services business centered around the use of revolutionary stem cell technology.

From his base in the northeastern US state of Vermont, Pierce founded Pierce Surgical Corp. (PSC) in 2009 and boasts over 30 years of experience in developing innovative solutions in Sports Medicine. Pierce entered the world of medical research in 1978 as an undergraduate at the University of Vermont, working in the Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation.  His abilities as a researcher and inventor led to research collaborations with the US Olympic Committee Biomechanics Laboratory and the US Ski Team.

In the early 1990s, Pierce co-founded Arthrex Inc. Pierce invented the revolutionary Arthroscopic Knot Pusher, Arthrex’s flagship product that enabled the first arthroscopic shoulder repairs.  In 1992, Pierce founded Pierce Instruments Inc. to provide product development services and licensing to JNJ Orthopedics and various corporate clients such as: Mitek Surgical Products, Inion Oy, Hospital For Special Surgery Ventures, Prochon Biotech (now Histogenics) and Laborie Medical.   In 2008 Pierce co-founded PSC to serve the global arthroscopy market. As an inventor Pierce has been awarded 15 US patents and continues to work on research and development with Brown University in Rhodes Island.