Financial Consulting

Given the impressive growth of China and Asian markets, more and more of the leading regional companies are eager to expand overseas and in so doing seek new capital and partners. Onerous regulation in capital markets and a declining image of emerging market enterprises amongst global investors makes it hard at times for enterprises to achieve a stock exchange listing or attract financing. GCC focuses on providing a complete suite of solutions to deal with these issues.

GCC is capable to take a lead role in select and clearly defined projects to introduce cutting-edge financial solutions and services. Within this process, GCC bridges the cultural gap between Asian entrepreneurs and global markets. When it comes to providing Financial Consulting solutions and strategies, GCC has a solid track record of success in completing challenging and diverse assignments on a regional and global basis.

Financial Consulting follows a two-pronged approach. On the domestic front GCC forms a local team to provide tailored solutions to regional enterprises eager to internationalize operations and raise capital or identify partners. Globally GCC supports the initiatives of these enterprises to communicate with foreign investors and provide international level financial and IR presentations to those that are interested in emerging markets.