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David Lake, GCC CEO

David Lake is the CEO of Greater China Capital Inc. responsible for global business strategy, financial consulting and corporate governance services for media, AI/blockchain and medical enterprises.

For nearly three decades, Lake has specialized in media management, financial consulting and business strategies from the Greater China capital market. Activity in the financial sector includes work on international listings, directorships of listed and private companies, development of fund management companies and funding support. On the media front, Lake spearheaded the drive to establish media networks in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, and held key editorial posts covering financial and economic topics for companies in China and Australia.

Recently, Lake brought his skill set to artificial intelligence ecosystems, blockchain projects and robotics companies. GCC acts as a financial consult for Hanson Robotics, the world’s leading manufacturer of humanoid robots (Sophia), and SingularityNET Foundation, the leading decentralized open source AI platform. Lake serves as a Director of Rejuve, an enterprise focused on regenerative medicine and life extension, and as Director of Genuine Way, the blockchain technology company for food certification and safety. Lake is a Director of MAS Capital Universal Exchange Inc. (MASEx), the first universal STO trading platform.

Financial Consulting

Lake has managed projects for Singaporean, China, Mongolian and Hong Kong businesses on Chinese, German and Canadian exchanges. Consulting on all aspects of the listing process, Lake has purchased Frankfurt and Canadian listed shell companies and worked on regulatory approvals for GCC partners.

Active as a director of listed and unlisted companies and a corporate governance expert for over a decade, Lake has a solid insight into the inner workings of enterprises. On TSX Venture Exchange, Lake acted as independent director for Liuyang Fireworks, Director and CEO of KCC Capital, a Canadian Pool Company (CPC), and Director of New Legend Group, another CPC listed entity.

Prior to this, Lake consulted for leading groups and entrepreneurs in Greater China, including:

  • IR, M&A, fund raising and capital markets branding for New World Group, a HK conglomerate and largest PRC foreign investor, at NWTMT Fund, NW Telecom, NW Infrastructure, Pacific Ports, NW Development, NW China Land and NW CyberBase;
  • China M&A opportunities for HK-listed e-Kong Group, led by telecom pioneer Rick Siemens;
  • Special Projects for the Managing Director of the “South China Morning Post”;
  • Numerous projects for Mainland companies, including assignments with Guotai Junan Securities to set up the first China investment bank on Wall Street.

In North America, Lake working at the highest levels of the Canadian corporate world on:

  • Capital markets strategy and IR for the President of the Montreal Exchange;
  • Advisor to Teleglobe CEO on international and domestic financial issues;
  • TIW advisor in Czech Republic and India for cellular license auctions;
  • Microcell on launch of PCS across Canada;
  • Royal Bank of Canada on corporate communications projects;
  • Cossette Communications, Canada’s largest communications company, as a financial advisor handling exclusive enterprises and institution assignments.

Media Management

Lake has concentrated on development of media businesses in global markets for China, European and Australian multimedia companies. Lake has completed M&A, network rollouts and media license negotiations in select Asian, European and Middle Eastern markets. Lake still oversees media network initiatives in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Australia, Turkey, Jordan, Kazakhstan and Italy and holds the content producing post of Editor-in-Chief position at Shanghai Business Review.

Prior to this activity Lake worked on a number of important global projects, including: 

  • Lake owned and operated China media and advertising businesses from 1994 to 2003. As CEO of Beijing-based Tianyi Media Group, Lake published “Show” and “Wealth” magazines. Lake founded Nine Star Advertising Agency to focus on media projects and publish “Capital Markets & Investor Relations Review”, the first bilingual financial publication in China;
  • Special Projects Director for FIA (Financial Intelligence Asia), projects for finance and IT firms like Macquarie, JPMorgan, Standard Chartered, Microsoft, China.com, Sybase and Bank of America as well as IR communications for NW Cyberbase and 21CN Cybernet.

Lake authored five books and contributed articles to over 50 publications worldwide:

  • Publisher “Blowup” (Canada), “Capital Markets and Investor Relations Review” (China), “Wealth” (China) and “IR Magazine” (London and New York);
  • Contributor to financial publications such as: “Euromoney”, “Institutional Investor”, “FIA”, “Global Custodian”, “CFO”, “Investor Relations”, “Infrastructure Finance”, “Asia Money”, “Business Tokyo”, “Asian Finance”, “The Globe & Mail” and “Asia Inc.”;
  • Author for Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU): “Japanese Capital”, “Global Corporate Finance in the 1990s” and “Finance and the Environment”;
  • First book: “Investor Relations” was published by Euromoney and Dewe Rogerson.