Capital Solutions

The level of complexity and compliance necessary to complete a global public, private placement or a fund launch has grown in recent years. Problems with reporting and financial disclosure have hurt emerging market companies, as regulators call for more stringent listing requirements and post-listing disclosure.

Experience in working with local entrepreneurs and emerging market enterprises allows GCC to provide those interested in a global listing, whether in Hong Kong, Canada, Europe or the USA, a better chance of success. This is achieved by working hand-in-hand with management to solve a host of problems, from audits to financial reporting, press relations to capital increases, and regulatory interface to investor relations.

The key to global finance often resides on the ability to be flexible and patient. The service level of supporting a listing process or an international financing or even the creation of a fund management product is intense and highly specialized. At times, GCC Network members sit on the Board of Directors to facilitate the process and make sure compliance issues are handled with utmost care.

It is this ability to anticipate the next challenge that makes GCC a unique support to business leaders eager to internationalize operations, access global capital and develop strategic partnerships. The experience of having established listed vehicles for their own use and board experience provides added comfort.

Global Listing Services include:

  • Strategic planning and market research
  • Appropriate corporate and fund structures
  • Accounting, auditing and reporting support
  • Investor Relations (press releases, website and media relations)
  • Comprehensive business plans, financial models and valuation
  • Corporate governance and board services