Media Solutions

Media Networks are one of the most exciting growth areas in the Greater China and Asian region. Due to heavy regulation and local sensitivities towards media ownership along the Belt & Road, this segment is one of the most complex in which to operate and to build value...


New Technologies

GCC commenced its activities in the New Technologies sector with activities in regenerative medicine in connection with stem cell devices and related services. With the emergence of the blockchain and a new age of related financings, GCC broadened its scope to work with some of the...


Financial Consulting

Given the impressive growth of China and Asian markets, more and more of the leading regional companies are eager to expand overseas and in so doing seek new capital and partners. Onerous regulation in capital markets and a declining image of emerging market enterprises amongst global...


Latest News in AI

Joe Rogan Learns About Blockchain Technology With Dr. Ben Goertzel

Joe Rogan has gotten his fair share of "mind-blowing" moments from receiving specific knowledge about diverse topics. Today, we hope he and everyone who listened, left with a similar mind-blowing realisation...


Longevity News

Rejuve Foundation Provides a View for the Ages

In the last few years the world of medicine has seen a paradigm shift regarding healthspan extension from a culture and scientific perspective. For the first time in history, the dramatic extension of healthy human life appears within the reach of science and medicine...


Radio Livestream

Listen to Radio Livestream!

Ostar Media is Australian leading Chinese media group established 24 years with a multidimensional media platforms including 39 radio broadcasts, 12 weekly newspapers, lifestyle magazines, events, webcast, television and online media...


Content is Everything!

Creating content is the key to promoting your business.

Over the last three decades, GCC Founder and CEO David Lake has focused on producing the highest quality of writing in the field of global finance and economics. Having penned books for renowned publishers in the space, and completed assignments for over 50 different publications worldwide, Lake brings this research and analytical focus to GCC.

In recent years, Lake has dedicated his time to focusing on Belt & Road coverage as the Editor-in-Chief of Shanghai Business Review print and digital versions. Lake's columns, Country Reports and feature articles on areas like logistics and technology are composed of interviews with leading government ministers, business leaders and entrepreneurs.

For those interested in background on the Belt & Road and other areas of coverage, take a look at the SBR Magazine Archive or buy an exclusive copy of the SBR Archive Book.